Monday, January 26, 2009

8 months old

I can't believe it, our angels are already 8 months old. I will try to keep up our blog up to date with the latest and greatest of our little girls. Hopefully I will keep the pictures current.

The girls are on the verge of crawling. It will be bitter sweet when they do. I can't even imagine how I will keep up with them. They get around pretty decent right now by rolling. But they aren't very fast, yet. They love to jump and bounce. They don't have any teeth yet but I expect to see some any day. They love each other very much. They can entertain each other giggling back and forth. It is pretty cute. They love to steal each others toys and pacifers. Right now we are going through what I hope is a stage. Mommy can't even be in the room with them with out holding them. And when I leave the room we have lots of tears. It is an amazing compliment but quite trying.

We had our family get together with the Namminga's. That was fun. The girls got to meet some new relatives. They also got to go swimming for the first time. They were a little timid at first but before long loved splashing.

Tressa loves to make sillyu sounds with her mouth and occasionally spit all over mommy and daddy. Cecelia gets refered to as monkey quite often because she can't sit still and climbs all over you.

Daddy and Mommy are exhausted and wonder what we did with all of our time pre-baby. But we know we are very blessed and thank God daily for the beautiful girls we has given us.