Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our little ones are just a few days a way from being 9 months. I can't even believe it. They are developing so quickly now. We are currently in the process of starting to child proof. We have the gate up and are quickly discovering that they can get into everything. Some of our shelves are now their shelves with room for books and toys. We recently had a friend over that has a 10.5 month old. Aaliyah spent the whole time chasing kitties and going after the kitty water and food. And she crawled at turbo speed. Maybe I will get skinny after all. I realize now I am really in for it.

The girls both love to stand by the furniture and toys. It is very hard for mommy to help both of them. Occasionally we have a few spills because I am helping one and the other takes a tumble. If anyting I will have tough little girls. They also like to jump in their exersaucers. They will jump on command. Smart little cookies we have!

We still have no teeth! How ever I think they will be coming any day now as the girls are a little needier and whinier than usual. We haven't' quite mastered graham crackers but we at least make a big mess with them. Daddy says "you girls are going to have to eat outside soon". Then he gets out the vacuum and cleans up the mess. Daddy the neat freak.

Both girls are now monkey like. We sing "Monkey girls" to the tune of Macho Man to them. I feel like it is a wrestling match with them sometimes. They love to play together but also love to torment each other. They constantly steal toys and pacifers from each other. While feeding both bottles at the same time they fight to see whose leg goes on top of the other. They also like to pound on each tohers bottles while they drink.

We had a rough weekend this weekend. I will blame the teething and a "virus" for that. Neither daddy or mommy got much sleep. Thank goodness grandma and grandpa Brodkorb were here to help.