Monday, March 2, 2009

Uh Oh...

We are officially in trouble now. Are little angels are mobile! They are into just about everything. We have had to do some serious child proofing around the house. The poor kitties just don't know what to think. The girls love their kitties. I can't say the same for the kitties. Cecelia is very speedy these days. Most nights we have to put the girls in their high chairs with purrs or cheerios while we eat or they are crawling up our legs. I try to eat fast but for those of you who know me well know that fast for me is still probably snails pace.
Both girls now have one tooth. That one tooth was pretty dramatic. I am afraid of what the rest will be like. The girls are most certainly twins. They both got their one tooth on the same day. And the same one at that. We have no doubts they are identical.
The girls love each other very much and talk all sorts of baby talk to each other. They exchange smiles to each other that can melt your heart. Although they love each other they are jealous of each other too. If I pick one up the other cries. It can be quite trying. They also can fight pretty good over toys. Grandma Barb took a series of pictures of them in the tub together. In the first picture Cecelia has the blue duck. Second picture Tressa has the blue duck. Third picture the blue duck was back with Cecelia. A new thing the girls do is to try and get from a sitting position to standing by pushing off the others head. This doesn't go over to well. The other day the girls were playing with their musical toy they stand around and Cecelia tried to push Tressa out of the way and they both went down. Mommy and Daddy certainly have their hands full.
Both girls seem to be Mommy's girls right now. Daddy's feelings get a little hurt. It is hard on mommy to, as I can't always have two in my arms.
I have become a pro at feeding both of them at once. Sometimes when I give them theirafternoon bottles they both fall asleep on me. I sometimes try to get them both in bed asleep but it doesn't always work. It is hard to carry 40+ pounds of baby to bed and lay them down gracefully. Sometimes one wakes up, sometimes both. On good days we all fall asleep in the chair. Daddy comes home and laughs at us.
Time away for just Tyson and I is rare. It is hard to find anyone brave enough to take on two little girls. We are looking forward to 4 day trip to Deadwood next week.