Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One! a little bit late!

Well I am finally getting this posted. Things get a little bit hectic around here every now and then if you can imagine.
The girls are thirteen months now. I can hardly believe how time has flown. My little babies are turning into little girls. Bittersweet. It is so fun to watch their personalities grow and develop yet I miss my little snuggly babies. I have this fear that I will forget all these amazing moments. The girls only take one bottle a day, at bedtime. I fear that it will be harder for mommy to part with this bottle than the girls.
Tressa started walking a week and a half before their one year pictures. I was hoping to get them in before they started walking. I called Grandma Ruth and said "can you help me do pictures on Monday? I really want to do them before they can get away." Four hours later I called and said never mind. Tressa is walking. And what and ordeal those pictures were. The photographer was a saint for not throwing in the towel long before I did. Both of the girls were afraid and cried almost the entire time. Amazingly we have some cute photos. Grandpa Pete wasn't impressed with the tutus. He said "those are not dresses". Too bad Grandpa I think they are pretty cute.
Cecelia started walking a few weeks after Tressa. Now they run. And climb stairs. And Cecelia runs around saying "uh-oh". It is the cutest uh-oh ever. Cecelia says more than Tressa. She even tries to say Tressa. Poor Tressa is going to have a heck of a time saying Cecelia. It will be interesting to hear what she ends up calling her.
Cecelia has a small obession with photographs. She wants you to carry her around the house showing her all the pictures. It can be tiresome. Cecelia is also quite a big mama's girl. It takes her quite a while to warm up to anyone but mama. Even grandpa. I think he just sees it as a dare. He tries very hard.
At their one year appointment Tressa was 22lb 11oz and Cecelia was 21 lb 7 oz. Hard to believe one year ago they were 5lb 3 oz and 5lb 7oz.
The girls are great eaters. There is really not anything they won't eat. Tressa loves green beans and veggies in general. Cecelia eats more meat. But by far their favorite foods are mandarin oranges and macaroni and cheese.
They dove into their birthdaycakes and needed baths directly following. They were thoroghly spoiled on their birthday. And loved every minute of it.
Tyson and I are loving being parents to twins. What an amazing blessing. Who would have thought we would be so lucky in life. Life is unfolding pretty nice for us. We are settling into parenthood quite nicely. Often if we get night to ourselves we spend it alone enjoying a night with just the two of us. We talk about how different our lives were a few years ago and funny, we don't really miss that life.
We will be taking our first camping trip of the year next week. I am not quite sure how it will go. Hopefully it will be a great time.
Thanks for keeping up with us. Aimee

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 2009

Our girls are walking! They don't walk very far on their own but they are doing it. They have been walking between us for a few weeks now. But now they will just do it with out being coaxed! Amazing! And not even a year old yet. They will be a year May 18. I think that day will be bitter sweet.

I keep putting away more and more baby clothes that they have grown out of. They are about 21-22 pounds right now. Too heavy to be lugging them both around.

The girls are developing a healthy case of stranger anxiety. Cecelia is a definate Mama's girl. Tressa is too but not quite as much as Cecelia. Aunt Lisa was here to visit and I don't thinkg Cecelia would even leave my lap. Another time Grandma Barb came to visit and Cecelia would stop eating a cry every time Grandma Barb even looked at her or even enter the room. She did finally get over it after grandma acted silly for far too long.

The girls still have just 2 teeth. We've been thinking they are teething for while now and expect to see another any day but don't.

The girls eat like such big girls too. They love to feed themselves just about anything. Peas, carrots, peaches, jelly toast, pears, puffs and cheerios are their favorites. I am thrilled the weather is finally getting nice so we can just bring their high chairs on the deck when they eat. We are starting to decrease the amount of bottles we have a day. We are down to 2 right now. The next one shouldn't be a big deal but that bed time one might be tricky.

The girls are starting to go to bed by themselves. A little fussing every now and then but nothing more than a few minutes. Some of the nights in the beginning when we would let them cry for a while were awfully tuff on Mommy. I shed many tears.

We have swings we just put up int he back yard. So far not a hit. Tressa was ok but Cecelia just cried. We have also gotten their wagon out and they think that is pretty fun.

Tressa has fallen asleep two times while eating lunch. Pretty cute. Cecelia put both hands up in the air like she was asking a question and said "duh"? I would love to know what she was asking me.

At daycare the girls have earned themselves the nickname of Chubakah. They make a thrill noise when they cry that sounds like Chubakah. It is pretty adorable. It started with Cecelia but Tressa now makes the same noise. So much for knowing who is crying during the night.

Thanks for taking interest in our little angels!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Uh Oh...

We are officially in trouble now. Are little angels are mobile! They are into just about everything. We have had to do some serious child proofing around the house. The poor kitties just don't know what to think. The girls love their kitties. I can't say the same for the kitties. Cecelia is very speedy these days. Most nights we have to put the girls in their high chairs with purrs or cheerios while we eat or they are crawling up our legs. I try to eat fast but for those of you who know me well know that fast for me is still probably snails pace.
Both girls now have one tooth. That one tooth was pretty dramatic. I am afraid of what the rest will be like. The girls are most certainly twins. They both got their one tooth on the same day. And the same one at that. We have no doubts they are identical.
The girls love each other very much and talk all sorts of baby talk to each other. They exchange smiles to each other that can melt your heart. Although they love each other they are jealous of each other too. If I pick one up the other cries. It can be quite trying. They also can fight pretty good over toys. Grandma Barb took a series of pictures of them in the tub together. In the first picture Cecelia has the blue duck. Second picture Tressa has the blue duck. Third picture the blue duck was back with Cecelia. A new thing the girls do is to try and get from a sitting position to standing by pushing off the others head. This doesn't go over to well. The other day the girls were playing with their musical toy they stand around and Cecelia tried to push Tressa out of the way and they both went down. Mommy and Daddy certainly have their hands full.
Both girls seem to be Mommy's girls right now. Daddy's feelings get a little hurt. It is hard on mommy to, as I can't always have two in my arms.
I have become a pro at feeding both of them at once. Sometimes when I give them theirafternoon bottles they both fall asleep on me. I sometimes try to get them both in bed asleep but it doesn't always work. It is hard to carry 40+ pounds of baby to bed and lay them down gracefully. Sometimes one wakes up, sometimes both. On good days we all fall asleep in the chair. Daddy comes home and laughs at us.
Time away for just Tyson and I is rare. It is hard to find anyone brave enough to take on two little girls. We are looking forward to 4 day trip to Deadwood next week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our little ones are just a few days a way from being 9 months. I can't even believe it. They are developing so quickly now. We are currently in the process of starting to child proof. We have the gate up and are quickly discovering that they can get into everything. Some of our shelves are now their shelves with room for books and toys. We recently had a friend over that has a 10.5 month old. Aaliyah spent the whole time chasing kitties and going after the kitty water and food. And she crawled at turbo speed. Maybe I will get skinny after all. I realize now I am really in for it.

The girls both love to stand by the furniture and toys. It is very hard for mommy to help both of them. Occasionally we have a few spills because I am helping one and the other takes a tumble. If anyting I will have tough little girls. They also like to jump in their exersaucers. They will jump on command. Smart little cookies we have!

We still have no teeth! How ever I think they will be coming any day now as the girls are a little needier and whinier than usual. We haven't' quite mastered graham crackers but we at least make a big mess with them. Daddy says "you girls are going to have to eat outside soon". Then he gets out the vacuum and cleans up the mess. Daddy the neat freak.

Both girls are now monkey like. We sing "Monkey girls" to the tune of Macho Man to them. I feel like it is a wrestling match with them sometimes. They love to play together but also love to torment each other. They constantly steal toys and pacifers from each other. While feeding both bottles at the same time they fight to see whose leg goes on top of the other. They also like to pound on each tohers bottles while they drink.

We had a rough weekend this weekend. I will blame the teething and a "virus" for that. Neither daddy or mommy got much sleep. Thank goodness grandma and grandpa Brodkorb were here to help.

Monday, January 26, 2009

8 months old

I can't believe it, our angels are already 8 months old. I will try to keep up our blog up to date with the latest and greatest of our little girls. Hopefully I will keep the pictures current.

The girls are on the verge of crawling. It will be bitter sweet when they do. I can't even imagine how I will keep up with them. They get around pretty decent right now by rolling. But they aren't very fast, yet. They love to jump and bounce. They don't have any teeth yet but I expect to see some any day. They love each other very much. They can entertain each other giggling back and forth. It is pretty cute. They love to steal each others toys and pacifers. Right now we are going through what I hope is a stage. Mommy can't even be in the room with them with out holding them. And when I leave the room we have lots of tears. It is an amazing compliment but quite trying.

We had our family get together with the Namminga's. That was fun. The girls got to meet some new relatives. They also got to go swimming for the first time. They were a little timid at first but before long loved splashing.

Tressa loves to make sillyu sounds with her mouth and occasionally spit all over mommy and daddy. Cecelia gets refered to as monkey quite often because she can't sit still and climbs all over you.

Daddy and Mommy are exhausted and wonder what we did with all of our time pre-baby. But we know we are very blessed and thank God daily for the beautiful girls we has given us.