Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 2009

Our girls are walking! They don't walk very far on their own but they are doing it. They have been walking between us for a few weeks now. But now they will just do it with out being coaxed! Amazing! And not even a year old yet. They will be a year May 18. I think that day will be bitter sweet.

I keep putting away more and more baby clothes that they have grown out of. They are about 21-22 pounds right now. Too heavy to be lugging them both around.

The girls are developing a healthy case of stranger anxiety. Cecelia is a definate Mama's girl. Tressa is too but not quite as much as Cecelia. Aunt Lisa was here to visit and I don't thinkg Cecelia would even leave my lap. Another time Grandma Barb came to visit and Cecelia would stop eating a cry every time Grandma Barb even looked at her or even enter the room. She did finally get over it after grandma acted silly for far too long.

The girls still have just 2 teeth. We've been thinking they are teething for while now and expect to see another any day but don't.

The girls eat like such big girls too. They love to feed themselves just about anything. Peas, carrots, peaches, jelly toast, pears, puffs and cheerios are their favorites. I am thrilled the weather is finally getting nice so we can just bring their high chairs on the deck when they eat. We are starting to decrease the amount of bottles we have a day. We are down to 2 right now. The next one shouldn't be a big deal but that bed time one might be tricky.

The girls are starting to go to bed by themselves. A little fussing every now and then but nothing more than a few minutes. Some of the nights in the beginning when we would let them cry for a while were awfully tuff on Mommy. I shed many tears.

We have swings we just put up int he back yard. So far not a hit. Tressa was ok but Cecelia just cried. We have also gotten their wagon out and they think that is pretty fun.

Tressa has fallen asleep two times while eating lunch. Pretty cute. Cecelia put both hands up in the air like she was asking a question and said "duh"? I would love to know what she was asking me.

At daycare the girls have earned themselves the nickname of Chubakah. They make a thrill noise when they cry that sounds like Chubakah. It is pretty adorable. It started with Cecelia but Tressa now makes the same noise. So much for knowing who is crying during the night.

Thanks for taking interest in our little angels!