Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One! a little bit late!

Well I am finally getting this posted. Things get a little bit hectic around here every now and then if you can imagine.
The girls are thirteen months now. I can hardly believe how time has flown. My little babies are turning into little girls. Bittersweet. It is so fun to watch their personalities grow and develop yet I miss my little snuggly babies. I have this fear that I will forget all these amazing moments. The girls only take one bottle a day, at bedtime. I fear that it will be harder for mommy to part with this bottle than the girls.
Tressa started walking a week and a half before their one year pictures. I was hoping to get them in before they started walking. I called Grandma Ruth and said "can you help me do pictures on Monday? I really want to do them before they can get away." Four hours later I called and said never mind. Tressa is walking. And what and ordeal those pictures were. The photographer was a saint for not throwing in the towel long before I did. Both of the girls were afraid and cried almost the entire time. Amazingly we have some cute photos. Grandpa Pete wasn't impressed with the tutus. He said "those are not dresses". Too bad Grandpa I think they are pretty cute.
Cecelia started walking a few weeks after Tressa. Now they run. And climb stairs. And Cecelia runs around saying "uh-oh". It is the cutest uh-oh ever. Cecelia says more than Tressa. She even tries to say Tressa. Poor Tressa is going to have a heck of a time saying Cecelia. It will be interesting to hear what she ends up calling her.
Cecelia has a small obession with photographs. She wants you to carry her around the house showing her all the pictures. It can be tiresome. Cecelia is also quite a big mama's girl. It takes her quite a while to warm up to anyone but mama. Even grandpa. I think he just sees it as a dare. He tries very hard.
At their one year appointment Tressa was 22lb 11oz and Cecelia was 21 lb 7 oz. Hard to believe one year ago they were 5lb 3 oz and 5lb 7oz.
The girls are great eaters. There is really not anything they won't eat. Tressa loves green beans and veggies in general. Cecelia eats more meat. But by far their favorite foods are mandarin oranges and macaroni and cheese.
They dove into their birthdaycakes and needed baths directly following. They were thoroghly spoiled on their birthday. And loved every minute of it.
Tyson and I are loving being parents to twins. What an amazing blessing. Who would have thought we would be so lucky in life. Life is unfolding pretty nice for us. We are settling into parenthood quite nicely. Often if we get night to ourselves we spend it alone enjoying a night with just the two of us. We talk about how different our lives were a few years ago and funny, we don't really miss that life.
We will be taking our first camping trip of the year next week. I am not quite sure how it will go. Hopefully it will be a great time.
Thanks for keeping up with us. Aimee

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